F & R Figure Out the World

February 2011

F El Wisdom, Part I:

F: When the El train gets to Farwell Avenue, they say, 'This is Morse' and then we GET OFF and GO HOME!

F El Wisdom, Part II:

F: There's no seat belts on the train so we just sit. And the way I sit is I kneel.

Walking home in the snow:

F: Daddy, let's not sing any more songs. They'll get wet.

F: Dr. Nancy is not a grown-up, she's a doctor!

On learning that the orange crunchy food he ate at day care today was probably a cheese doodle, and that cheese doodles are not the same as Doodle the dog:

F: That's good. I like food that doesn't bark.

On why he spent the whole day asking his teachers, his nanny, and me for Mommy:

F: I just want some Mom-mom love.

F & R Figure Out the World

F & R Figure Out the World