F & R Figure Out the World

August 2011

F asks for band-aid. Shows his palm. B thinks it's a splinter.
B pins F down, uses sterilized needle to try to get it out.
F is understandably pissed, tries to get box of needles.
B changes R's diaper. F climbs on chair, gets sewing kit, takes out 2 more boxes that B didn't know about, disappears into room.
B goes into F's room to look for needles.

F: I hid them so you won't find them. Don't look under the dresser!

F (picking up his toys with a claw): I put animals all over the floor because I wanted to pretend the whole house was a zoo.

Diner in Chesterton, IN. Much road ahead tonight.

B: Do you need a new diaper?
F: No
B: You're sure there's no pee in there?
F: There's nothing in my diaper except my penis and my butt!

We are on our way to Mary Idzior's house. She personally invited F to go pick vegetables in her garden.

F: I'm going to pick vegetables and then I'm going to eat them. Because vegetables make my poop soft!

F: look at those trees. They look like they're hugging their baby sister.

F: I'm so tired, my belly button is tired.

This is 75 dollars. That's what 75 looks like. It's a necklace and it's red.

We are preparing to leave Pinconning. Suddenly I hear F swearing over and over. Upon investigation I learn he's "cleaning" the inside of the garage, saying "polish it, polish it, polish it." Guess which syllable *I* heard?

F: My foot was really sick. It threw up in the vegetable bag.

M: Frankie, if we got a new house, what would you like the house to have?
F: All of our stuff!

F (totally out of nowhere): It's ok that you're going to die because you're not going to die for a long time.

F: I want a bouncy ball (he means one of those hoppity hop things with a handle that you sit on and bounce)
M: Maybe when we have a different house without the downstairs neighbor.
F: Maybe the downstairs neighbor will die so we can get a bouncy ball and stay in our old house!

M (talking about R): She takes after you.
B: How so?
M: She's sweaty and she has a really big head ... and she likes ice cream.
(Wait 5 seconds)
F: I have an even bigger head!

F: What's this thing that blocks me from putting things in the side of my face?
B: Umm, can you point to what you mean?
F points.
B: That's your cheek!
F: But when I push it in, why dots it get stuck?
B: Because you have teeth.
F: Oh!

B: Grape! (puts grape in F's mouth)
B: Grape! (puts grape in F's mouth)
F: Nothing! (puts empty spoon in B's mouth) F: Oh!

F is a little bit sick. He is sitting at the table punching Christmas-tree-shaped holes in construction paper.

B: You left your water in the living room. Do you want it?
F: Uh-huh

B starts to go get the water. R is way faster and gets there before B can. Brings the water straight to F.

B: Can you say thank you?
R: Thank you

Now R is sitting in her high chair. I'm trying to get F to eat strawberries while I cook dinner. He won't eat because he's having too much fun "reading" to R.

F: I can't eat until I make sure R knows how much fun it is to read books!

He's been through The Lorax, Elmo Can Use the Potty, and Frog and Toad so far.

F: The small strawberries I put in my mouth all at once. And the big strawberries, I start at the edge and I take more bites until I get it all eaten up. And there's a spot on the table that looks like the end of a strawberry.

F: I started eating again because I thought I wasn't full but now I'm stopping because I AM full.

Dan Stafford is talking about going to a bookstore.

F: Why don't you go to our bookstore? It's called the library!

F (Walking into 7-11, to his mommy): I'm going to go grab a treat and ask you if it's cheap!

F got a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich. (Yes, it was cheap.) It opened on the pink side. F ate through the pink part and part of the white part.

F: Can you eat the rest of this for me?
B: Ask your Mommy.

M accepts and starts eating.

B: You know there's a brown part, right?
M: The brown part is on the edges!
B: Yes, but there's a part that's brown on the edges AND brown in the middle.

F runs to his mother.

F: You give that back to me RIGHT NOW!

F & B are reading National Geographic For Kids.

F: Swing and ring rhyme.
B: What else rhymes with them?
F: Ming!
B: What's a ming?
F: It's a really big piece of sculpture, shaped like an L! Only, a lower case l.

F just bumped his knee on the board under a picnic table.

F: Maybe when me and R grow up we can become men and we can come here with saws and cut the board under there.

F had talked his friend (P) into climbing up to the top slide platform with him.

F: We're having a meeting!

F: When you and Mommy were little, I was still inside you. Because I can't be alone or I make trouble. I'd cry and cry and cry until I had a grown up to make sure I didn't get into trouble.

M: Your eyes are so brown, they're made of chocolate
F: They're not made out of chocolate, they're made out of fire, humidity and mostly gas. And drool, and spit and bubbles.

F and R are watching the pictures on my screen saver. F is narrating.

F: F! R! [M in a very broad-brimmed sun hat] Mommy looks like a MUSHROOM! Mommy DOESN'T look like a mushroom! F! R and part of Mommy!

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F & R Figure Out the World

F & R Figure Out the World