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July 2013

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F: Daddy, I want to get a straight, not-yucky stick, and I want to tie a bandana to it, and I want to go for a walk. I saw a bear do it in a story.

Turns out it wasn't about marriage equality after all.

F: ...so you can't marry a princess.
R: Ok.
F: But I can marry either a spider or a puffball
R: Yeah, but I can still LOVE a princess, can't I?
F: Yeah
R: Hi, Daddy!
B: Good morning. Why did F say you can't marry a princess?
R: Because I don't have a princess-shaped ring.

M outside supervising movers.
B inside supervising cable guy.
Kids miraculously sitting quietly.

Huge thunderclap.

F: Daddy, I'm scared of Mommy.
B: Why?
F: Because of all the lightning.
B: You're not scared OF Mommy, you're scared FOR Mommy.
Mover: There's lots of other reasons you could be scared OF your Mommy.

B wishes he had thought to suggest a lightning strike turning her into a supervillain.

R (in "I'm pretending to be my dinosaur" voice): I'm a good guy. I'm going to find my friends. And then I'm going to eat them.
F: No, R! You're a stegosaur! They didn't eat other dinosaurs!

M: I'm going downstairs
R: No, I want you here with me.
B: She's just going down to get something and then coming back. Is that ok?
R: Yeah.
B: And is it ok if she goes to Chicago and then comes back?
R: Yeah!
B: And is it ok if she goes to the moon and then comes back?
R: (laughs)
F: Yeah, but she'll probably die in space.

Possibly the best experience of my life: watching the kids, at their own insistence, fold and put away their own clothes.

Sprinkler Fun!

F&M: Mommy, Daddy, you have to come out and see the front lawn!
B&M: Not now, we're still sleeping.
F&M: You really have to come now. The biggest stick EVER is in the yard!

The miracle is, it didn't hit the house.

B: Doesn't breakfast taste better when we eat it outside?
F: Daddy, it tastes exactly the same.
B: But, it's more fun to eat it outside, right?
F: Well, you can see more stuff ... actually, I think you can see more stuff inside, because more of our stuff is inside.
R: I LOVE eating outside. There's roly-poly's out here!

F (coloring with crayons at diner): R, let's play delete copy.
R: Ok. Delete, delete, delete!
F: Uh oh, copy, copy, copy!
R (picks up club sandwich toothpick): This is my deleting stick. Delete!
F: Oh no! It's almost gone! Only copy can save me now! Wait. Save! Save! Save!
R: Don't let the bad guys win!

Playing "I can hear your heart." More complicated than it looks. Involves running around to make sure it's beating faster when they listen.

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F & R Figure Out the World

F & R Figure Out the World