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July 2014

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A new friend

The way it unfolded on his face was precious.

F doing typical dumbass daredevil things with his sister, yelling fake "ow"s: Look of delight.

F hurts himself a little bit. Fake "ow" turns into real "ow": Mix of pain and indignation as he approaches M for comfort.

F realizing that the body part Mommy is going to have to kiss is his butt: Pure demonic glee.

Partial problem description:

R: The living room and dining room are SO CLEAN!
B: I know! Isn't it great?
R: I don't know.
B: Well, do you like it better clean or dirty?
R: I don't care.

Nice things to hear at bedtime:

R: Daddy, did you know there's a love string between you and me?

F: No, I don't want you to read it to me, I'll read it myself.

R: Daddy, we're having a race of suck.
B: You're what?
F: We're racing to see who can suck our popsicles faster.

B: R, what do you want for breakfast?
R: I'm not R today. I'm Om Nom. I'm from Cut the Rope.
B: Ok, Om Nom, what do you want for breakfast?
ON: Om Nom wants candy for breakfast!
B: That's funny. What do you really want?
ON: Om Nom ONLY eats candy.
B: Not happening.
ON: (sigh) Fine. I'll have R breakfast and I'll PRETEND it's candy.

R: Daddy, I have to keep stopping. Not because I'm scared of going too fast downhill. I mean, I AM scared of going too fast downhill. But I have to keep stopping because there's just so much beautiful around me!

F: I don't want a graham cracker. Isn't there something else I can eat?
B: Not really.
F: What about a juice bomb?
B: What on earth is a juice bomb?
F: A plum!

In car. R screams at the top of her lungs.

M: R! You can't do that! You're damaging the cilia in our ears!
R (laughing): There's SILLY in our ears!
B: Why did you scream?
R: Because F turned the back of the car freezing! And he's making it ALL ICE and NO SNOW!

Entering highway. B closes car windows.

R: Awwwww!
B: R, we close the windows every time we get on the highway.
R: Can't we leave them open this once? My hair dance party will get super fast!

B: Look at that big dog!
F: That's not a real dog.
B: What are you talking about? Look, it's moving.
F: It's not a statue. It's a robot dog.

Note: It's not a robot dog

F: I want to see a constellation!
R: There's the big dipper!
F: Where?
R: I don't know!

Driving past a whole bunch of propane tanks.

M: Pups!
B: What are pups?
M: Propane tanks.
B: Why?
M: That's what R calls them.
B: Why?
R: I don't know. I just like to call them that.
F: I don't like to call them that. I like to call them exploding tanks!

F: I want the soup.
M: You do? Why?

F doesn't answer.

B: I don't know if they have soup for breakfast. But if they do, do you really want it?
F: It's the only thing they have that I like.
B: Huh?

F (points to specials board)

B: Oh! That's not the whole menu, you know. (Hands F breakfast menu)
F: I could have all of this??
B: Well, pick out what you want, and we'll talk. F is now waiting for his breakfast hot dog. He's obviously related to Uncle Michael.

Walking to Aunt Joyce's house, picking wildflowers along the way.

Frolf, Charlevoix

From the kids' dinner table:

F: I've got a brain SO GOOD, I can make a plan gooder than all three of you.
R: I'm bigger than E, so I'm stronger than him.
E: Well, I'm bigger than a baby.
R: I have to have you give us peace because we're not fighting you!
E: Are you seven?
A: He's not seven, he's six like me.
R: E's gonna be seven.
A: No, he's not. He's three.
R: But, eventually!

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F & R Figure Out the World

F & R Figure Out the World