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February 2015

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R: Daddy, I'm practicing my kangaroo hops!

Note: that's a tailor's tape measure. Securing it to her waist and the banister are very important to kangaroo hops.

R: How do you know if you're going to summer school?
F: I never have to go to summer school. But if you don't do well enough on your tests, you might have to go.
R: Let's give each other tests, to see if we have to go.
F: Ok.
R: Can monkeys climb?
F: Yes!
R: You passed!

Cuddling in bed.

B: This is one of my favorite times of the day, because I get to spend it with just you.
R: It's one of my favorite times, too.
B: Because of the love?
R: No, because I'm usually cold, and I'm getting warm now.
B: So cuddling with me is your favorite part of the day because I make you warm.
R: It doesn't have to be you. Cuddling with ANYBODY makes me warm and is my favorite part of the day.

F: Whenever I make a puppet out of me, I try to use the clothes I'm wearing.

R: Look! A ladybug!
B: Yep
R: We should poke holes in a jar and put it in the jar.
B: You know the last bunch of ladybugs you did that to died pretty quick, right?
R: Yeah, but I'm stopping them from invading our house. When they lay their eggs in the jar, the eggs crack and we don't get so many more ladybugs. If I didn't do this, they'd have so many babies, they'd fill the whole house and we'd have to move. Also, I love having ladybugs for pets.

I'm kind of stunned at the delight R is taking from opening her preschool valentines. Highlights:

R: She gave me candy! How did she know that I LOVE CANDY!!
R: I didn't know ______ loved me. We've never done ANYTHING together or even talked. But now I know he loves me!
B: Did he give that to just you, or did he give one to everyone?
R: Oh my GOD! He loves EVERYBODY! That's awesome!
R: He gave me a tattoo! How did he know I LOVE TATTOOS!!
R: It's lenticular!
R: (about Cupid, delightedly) It's a bat baby!
R: She gave me stickers! How did she know I LOVE STICKERS!!
R: This one is from a kid who has trouble writing his name.
R: Daddy, what does this say?
B: Hug me
R: I bet that's because _____ wants me to hug her! But I'll only hug her at school and if she comes over here. I'm not hugging her at her house.
B: Why not?
R: She says that a monster lives under her floor.
R: It gave me a little bubble wand! How did it know I LOVE BUBBLES!

F: And then the fake Calvin was nice to Susie, but she freaked out because he's always mean to her, so she thought it was a trick.
B: He IS mean to her, isn't he? And he's always getting in trouble, right?
F: Yeah!
B: How come it doesn't bother you when Calvin gets in trouble, but you're shaking like a leaf whenever it seems like Harry Potter might get into trouble?
F: Because when I read Calvin, I'm laughing AT him, and when I read Harry Potter, it feels like I AM him. Well, I'm kind of Calvin, too, but not as much.

R: Did you know that Valentine was a real person?
B: I did.
R: He was real but he died. I know all about it. It's a story from hell.
B: Excuse me?
M: Hel is R's music teacher.

F: It's been a while since I've seen Star Wars. When do I get to watch The Vampire Strikes Back?

B: I spy with my little eye something that begins with p.
R: ... I can't find it

B points to pussy willow on mural

R: Oh! A polyp!

B: What was your favorite part of your doctor visit today?
R: Getting my blood taken.
B: You didn't get any blood taken.
R: Yes I did. It was when they put that thing around my arm.
B: Oh getting your blood PRESSURE taken.
R: Yeah!
B: That was F's favorite part at his last checkup, too. But why was that your favorite part?
R: Because it felt like a little hug.

Nah, it's because you don't have school today, so I don't have to hurry you to get ready.

F: Dad, how much sleep did you get last night?
B: The normal amount, I think. Why?
F: Because you're being a lot nicer than you usually are!

B: You drew my guitar!
R: No I didn't.
B: What did you draw, then?
R: I drew MY guitar!

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F & R Figure Out the World

F & R Figure Out the World