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September 2015

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Play date = reading and discussing a star wars lego book.


F: Why do so many people at soccer practice have messy shirts?
B: Well, it rained a bunch earlier today, so maybe they were diving and sliding a lot.
F: No, I don't mean their shirts ARE messy. I mean their shirts SAY "messy." Only they spell it wrong.
B: Oh. Messi with an I?
F: Yeah.
B: That's for Lionel Messi. He's the best player in the world.
F (condescending): Daddy, I know who Lionel Messi is. I just mean, the shirts don't make them play any better. So why do they wear them?

B: So, do you like the part of school where they speak only Spanish?
R: It's kind of funny. I don't know what the teacher's saying, but I can sort of figure out what we're doing.
B: Soon you'll understand a lot of what she's saying.
R: Really?
B: F, how did you do today when YOUR teachers were speaking Spanish?
F: It kind of sounds like English now.

B finds a spider in the house. R freaks out. B&R take it outside and release it.

R: Daddy, you knew I'm super scared of spiders, right? B: Not really, I didn't. What are you afraid they're going to do to you?
R: I don't know, they're just super creepy.
B: Are you afraid they're going to catch you in their web and eat you?
R (laughing): Definitely not!
M: R got bit by an ant today.
B: Oh yeah? Where?

R shows B her foot.

B: I mean where were you when they bit you?
R: It turned out I was at an ant party!

R brings Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day for bedtime reading.

R: We should read this today because I found out THERE'S AN ALEXANDER IN MY CLASS!
B: Cool! Is he nice?
R: I don't know! I don't know which kid it is. I just know one of them is Alexander.

B reads book to R.

R: Daddy, to people who live in Australia, this must seem like a really dumb book.

R & B go out to the driveway to look at the ant party.

R: I'm going to stop here. You go and look and tell me if there's still ants. I don't want to get bitten again.
B: There's a couple. Maybe ten ants. So, some, but not an ant party anymore.
R: That's too many for me to walk there. Can you carry me over to look?
B: Sure
R: Hey! I want that [<1 inch snail] shell. Can you put me down to get it?
B: Ok
R: No! Not that way! I don't want to ACTUALLY touch the ground, I might get bitten again.
B: So what do I do?
R: Dangle me.
B: Like this?
R: Yeah... I've got the shell... It's pretty crumbly... And I'm worried there's ants in it, so I'm going to put it back down.
B: Are we done now?
R: Yeah, you can take me back to the deck. Daddy, when I was dangling, you were kinda like rope!

Hope, personified.

At party.

B: F, come here.
F: What??
B: Why are you mad at your sister?
B: I know. I didn't ask if you were being mean. I asked why you were mad.
F: How do you know I'm mad?
B: You took a piece of pink chalk and ground it mostly to dust. And then you wrote her name and crossed it out a bunch of times.
F: Ok, yeah, I'm mad.

Thankfully, it turned out the darts were imaginary.

R: Daddy, I want to be the grown-up tonight?
B: What does that mean?
R: I want to be the person who keeps things in balance.
B: Huh?
F: She wants to be in charge
R: Yeah! I was doing it with F on the walk home! I was telling him he was making bad choices and he was throwing darts at me!

See above.

You can see it hatch here.

Kids are having cling peaches for dessert. After they're all gone, F drinks from his bowl.

F (horrible face): Daddy, who peed in this?? Wait. Daddy, I said "Who peed in this?" You're going to have to put that on facebook, right? Ha!

F calls something disgusting. B gets the bright idea to try and show him how "disgusting" and "gustar" come from the same word.

B: Do you know what "cognate" means?
F: Yeah, it's when an English word and a Spanish word sound the same and are spelled kind of the same.
B: Can you give me an example?
F: Yeah. Cognate!
B: Right, but what's the example.
F: Cognate!
B: Huh?
F: And cognado.


Doing school fundraiser, one kid on each side of the street.

F had insisted that he was done, that it was R's turn now. Until R showed some enthusiasm, and then it was ON.

First time I didn't have to do any of the talking for F. Also first time I didn't have to do any of the talking for R.

I think it's in their blood.

At the home of the stickler.

S: Hello!
R: We're doing a walkathon. Here, I need money and I need you to write your name here.
S: And what do you need money for?
R: ...
S: Surely you don't expect me to give you any money without telling me what it's for?
R: Everybody else did!

Halloween costume prep

R: I'm really glad that my school principal is a girl.
M: Yeah. Me, too.
R: She's really a PRINCESS-i-pal!

M: R, you've been acting very defiant lately. Do you know what that means?
R (glaring, hands on hips): I DON'T CARE!

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