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December 2015

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F: Wanna hear a funny idea for an experiment?
B: Sure!
F: Put a banana on your head, and start a stopwatch. Then wait for someone to notice it, and stop the stopwatch. Then you can see how long it took.
B: And what will that tell you?
F: How long it took.
B: And what does knowing how long it took tell you?
F: I guess just how long it took for that one person that one time.
B: How can you know more?
F: Do it lots of times, maybe. Then I'd know how long it takes for lots of people, and maybe I'd learn something. Also, I'd probably have a really yucky banana.

Dinner at friends' house.

B: F, you have to eat something.
F: There's nothing here that I like.
B: What about the meatballs? You liked those last time.
F: No, I didn't.
B: How many did you eat?
F: Eight, I think.

First two books read on her own. Not even a little surprised what they were.

And then, sometimes, you nail it.

F hates that his birthday and party always fall during Christmas break, and that we never have it together enough to get invites out early enough, and so mostly the school kids he wants to invite don't come.

So we got e-invites out more than two weeks before the party. Which feels like nailing it.

There were four people with whom I'd never communicated electronically, who I hadn't heard back from. So I bought paper invites, and I filled out the details and F addressed them.

I figured he'd bring 'em to school tomorrow, but he talked me into driving him to those four houses so he could hand-deliver them. He went up to the houses by himself (well, his sister insisted on joining him, but he went without me). Totally filled him with joy to see his school friends outside of school, and to have something fun to give them.

Then on the way home, he casually mentioned that he had done some algebra in school today. I bought him an algebra book over the summer, but we abandoned that project pretty early due to his lack of interest, which is fine. I knew he had been lugging the book to school in his backpack, but I thought he was, um, carrying it around as a talisman. Turns out when he finishes his other work he (and one of the kids we delivered an invite to) work on algebra problems on their own. He had no idea what he was doing, but he was having fun.

So tonight we did an algebra lesson. He didn't want to go upstairs to get ready for bed because he was having too much fun.

R insisted I write out math problems for her, too.

Things are devolving quickly.

Out for a walk earlier:

R: Daddy, how come there's more people than houses?
B: Well, the first thing is that a lot of people share houses, right? How many people live in our house?
R: Four
B: And how many houses is it?
R: One, silly! But does everyone live in a house?
B: No. There are way too many people that want to have places to live, but don't.
R: That's kinda sad.
B: What do you think we should do about it?
R (walking past a school): Hm, maybe we could take schools and turn them into houses for people without houses to live in?
B: Well, I think we should do a lot of building houses for people who don't have them. But why schools? What would you do if your school got turned into houses for other people?
R: I guess I'd go to a different school.
B: What if ALL schools got turned into houses for people?
R: I'd have to home-learn, I guess.
B: So, learning's pretty important to you, huh. Do you like learning?
R: I really like learning. But I don't always like doing the work that you have to do so you can learn.
B: Then why do you do it?
R: Daddy, you HAVE to learn things! If you don't learn things, you can't be a person!
B: What do you mean?
R: You have to at least learn to walk and talk and stuff.

Cuddling in bed:

B: Did you have a good Christmas?
F: I had a great Christmas!
B: Can you say three times today that you were super happy?
F: Hm, when we opened presents this morning. And when R and I were hitting the tree like a piƱata (note: this was AFTER it was taken outside), and seeing how my star turned out (note: star was made out of those plastic bead things that you have to iron in the end).
B: Seems like you hit a lot of things today, huh? Didn't you also hit the gingerbread house with a hammer?
F: Yeah, that would have been the fourth thing if you asked me for four. Or maybe losing a tooth. Now I can REALLY ask for my two front teeth for Christmas.

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