Happy Holidays from Bobby and Margy!

It’s been a pretty busy year in the Belstein, um, Goldchak, um, Goldstein-Belchak household. Yes, we’re still married. This was the first year this century that none of the Belchak children got married. Pressure continues to build on Mikey, whether he knows it or not yet. If you’re interested, let us know – he’s housetrained and everything.

We started the year with a road trip down through NJ into DC and VA – we had “Christmas” with Bobby’s family in NJ on Jan 1 or thereabouts, then headed to the DC area where we saw (Bobby’s cousin) Maren and (her husband) Brian just days before they had twins (congratulations!), Jackson and Patrick. We had brunch at our friends Wes and Lea’s new place, and hung with a bunch of Margy’s K-College friends at her friend Katie’s place.

Back in February, Margy began her preparations for old-ladyhood by learning to play bridge. We even started going to a Wednesday night bridge club. That kind of fizzled out, but possibly will pick up again soon, as the weather turns cold and the nights long.

In March, Bobby went on Jeopardy! and showed how lucrative knowing a whole lot of seemingly-useless information can be. The full story’s here. And if you haven’t seen it yet (and he hasn’t somehow ALREADY made you sit down and watch it), let us know and we’ll send you a video.

Spring was a time for our immediate families to grow. Nancy Pierro (nee’ Goldstein) had baby Kerry on April 23rd, and Margy’s sister Alicia is due to give their Dad his first grandchild in February.

Margy’s other sister, Laura, moved much closer to us in May – they now live in Schenectady, NY, just 3 hours away. Laura works at a nursing home doing speech therapy, her husband, Brent, is with Borders books. It’s been nice to have them so much closer; we get together somewhat frequently.

This year we wore a groove in the path between Boston and NJ. We were there in January, as we mentioned above. We were there in February for a memorial service for Bobby’s uncle Richard and for his uncle Matt & Mary’s wedding (and Bobby also stayed with his Dad when he was in town for work). (Bobby's brother) Michael came to visit in the spring. We were there at the end of May to meet baby Kerry for the first time and we stayed with Michael and Debbie. We were there in July for Grandad’s 85th birthday (and took Tyler and Steven to see Spiderman 2 for their birthday), and we were there at the end of October for the Rutgers game “tailgate” at Grandad’s and to see Dana and Kerry in their Halloween costumes. And of course we’ll be back for Christmas.

We took a trip up to Quebec City for Labor Day weekend (and to celebrate our coming first anniversary) and learned (contrary to popular opinion in this country) that there ARE French-speakers who are happy to see American tourists.

Bobby continues to bicycle an insane amount – this was the second year in a row he bicycled more than 1000 miles, and at the end of September he for some reason did a 1-day, 100-mile bicycle ride through Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. He says he’s still tired. Margy also has a new bike.

At the end of November we drove (most of the way with Laura and Brent) to the Belchak spread in Michigan, where Margy cooked a 22-pound turkey for Thanksgiving, and everyone helped to put on a great dinner. Just to make sure we travelers needed a vacation from our vacation, Margy and Laura also threw Alicia a Victorian tea party/baby shower, which was well attended by family and friends.

Margy’s been knitting for a few years now, and she keeps getting more proficient and enthusiastic – she even recently knitted a stuffed snowman called Mr. Flurry . So if you’re on our Christmas list, you know what you’re getting!

As we write this, we’re looking forward to a Caribbean cruise with Margy’s brother and Dad, to be followed by Christmas in NJ with the Goldsteins.

We hope you and yours are well, and look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes for the coming year!