Happy Holidays from Bobby and Margy (and Mikey)!

It’s been a pretty busy year in the Goldstein-Belchak household. Our biggest news is that we’re no longer in Boston – we’ve moved to Chicago (more later).

As you may recall, in late January in Boston, white stuff started falling out of the sky. And kept on falling, and falling, and falling! The city of Boston came to a screeching halt. People couldn’t get ANYWHERE. Good thing we lived next door to Trader Joe’s. We started plotting our escape.

On Feb 23, Margy’s big sister Alicia gave birth to the first of a whole new generation – baby Marie Louise. Margy’s an aunt again!

By March (see above paragraph about white stuff and the sky, which, we might add, was STILL on the ground come March), we started to realize that while our stay in Boston was nice, we needed to get the heck out. Bobby made a preliminary trip to Chicago to look at condos.

Also in the spring, Margy took another pottery course, and made some extraordinarily beautiful things.     Come see them displayed at our new digs (more later…)

In April, Margy went back to see her Dad in Pinconning and she, Dad and Mikey put a new roof on “the Villa”.   Don’t let the picture fool you, Margy and Mikey spent plenty of time up there doing roofer-type stuff, too.

June took us back to Chicago to look at more potential places to buy, and we also hosted a set of Belchaks in our hopefully-soon-to-be hometown. Bobby met baby Marie   for the first time, and we miraculously survived the Taste of Chicago. We found a place we liked, our offer was accepted, and suddenly...

We were moving. Hallelujah! Suddenly we had a whole lot to do. We had a lot of stuff, much of which was “not nice enough for the new place”. So after some unexpected friction with our landlady, Margy got to have her yard sale.    It was great – we cleared more money than we expected, it was a beautiful day, and it’s a great feeling to know that total strangers are giving you money for the privilege of taking away stuff that you don’t even want. We’d recommend it for anyone.

All we needed to do now was the physical move. Oh, and get jobs. Bobby got offered, and eagerly accepted, a job as the Assistant Director of the planning department of the Fund, which seems to be a perfect fit.

Margy started her search while we were still in Boston, but it’s hard to get called back for jobs in Chicago if you have a Boston address. So we moved out to Chicago with just one job, but confident that Margy would have no trouble finding something once she got here. Just in case, we bought her a tin cup and some pencils.

Anyway, it was time to move – we did the usual stuff – spent the entire months of June and July putting things into boxes, rented a truck, bribed a whole bunch of our friends with sausage to help us load it, and drove it across the country. One solid morning of signing our names again and again and again and (you get the idea) and we were homeowners! 

Bobby took a week off to help move in. Margy took… well, she didn’t have anything to take off from, did she? Margy spent some time moving in and some time looking for work. And of course it paid off. Margy found work with a large Chicago architecture firm. She's really happy there.

Bobby travels a lot in his new job, and every time he comes back, the place is a little different. In September, he went to Denver and came back to find that Margy and her Aunt Fideles had bought a whole bunch of art for the walls.  In October, Bobby went to Boston and returned to find a mysterious green square on the living room wall!   Just this past week, Bobby returned from Denver again to find a decorated Christmas tree.

In mid-October, we took in Margy’s brother Mike, who came to the Big City to seek employment, which, we are happy to announce, he just found this past week. Hooray for Mikey! He’s quite the catch. As we write this, he's even painting our walls!

Bobby's brother Michael came out to visit in November. That gave Bobby and Michael a chance to do all kinds of touristy stuff that Bobby wanted to do, but a self-respecting Chicagoan might not without a good reason.

November also saw us in NJ for Thanksgiving with the Goldstein family. Boy, are our nieces and nephews growing up fast!…         Please note that in the last picture, that's Bobby's brother Michael on the right, not a niece or nephew. And the vampire teeth aren't real.

As we write this, we’re looking forward to hosting Christmas with the Belchak family. Our first time hosting family Christmas, in our new place. Huzzah!

We hope you and yours are well, and look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes for the coming year!

Bobby, Margy and Mikey