Happy Holidays from Bobby and Margy!

It's been a really good year, but this will be a shorter update than normal because neither of us got married, won money on television, moved, or changed jobs - at least one of which happened in each of the past three years. We've become one of those couples with not a lot of news - to tell other people about our lives sometimes makes them sound boring, but to actually live them is a lot of fun.

We hope that all of you are well, finishing up a wonderful year, and getting ready for an even better one!

Let's see. What is new?

We continue to settle into Chicago. We painted our bedroom and bought a new bedframe. And we bought a car. It's the first time since the early 90s that Bobby's owned one and the first time ever for Margy.

Margy's Dad had a couple of health scares over the summer - the biggest being colon cancer - but he now appears to be good as new. He's certainly as energetic and cantankerous as ever! (Oh, and generous and wise, sayeth Margy.)

We've seen a lot of our niece Marie, and she keeps getting bigger and older.

Her first birthday in February April Early July

Late July Thanksgiving Day December

In case you've ever wondered what kind of mood Margy's in, her co-workers have put together a handy guide:
"Belchak" Frustrated Giddy

Intellectual Undercaffeinated Ruffled

Standard Issue Sorrowful Bobby Just Fell Down

(Kind of looks like a one-person Brady Bunch, no?)

More of Margy in action:
At the Chicago Botanical Gardens Too Cool for School at Home Too Cool for School in New York City

Playing Frisbee Flying a Kite In a Canoe

At Millennium Park At "The Bean" in Millennium Park Giving Nieces Dana and Kerry a Puppet Show

Speaking of the puppets, the girls seemed to enjoy them , and Kerry did laps around the living room.

Not as many pictures of Bobby, because, well, let's face it, he's just not as photogenic:

We're planning to take the train from Chicago to New Jersey to spend a long Christmas with the Goldstein Family.

That's about it for this year. Hope you and yours are well, and we hope to see you soon!

Again, Happy Holidays, and best wishes for 2007!