Here are a few pictures from our wedding...

If you have more, it'd be great if you could send them to me

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Getting Ready In the Morning
margy_alicia_getready.jpg margy_alicia_getready2.jpg morning_of_kiss.jpg pin_it_on.jpg

Formal Pictures That Morning
formal1.jpg gazebo.jpg gazebo2.jpg gazebo3.jpg bridesmaids.jpg
entire_party.jpg groomsmen.jpg bobby_immed_family.jpg margy_immed_family.jpg

More Posed Pictures by the Pond
I think most are before the ceremony, but some are after...
bythepond.jpg sisters.jpg pirg_women.jpg
margy_k_friends.jpg pirggals.jpg

The Ceremony
lighting_candles.jpgOur Dads light the candles
mikey_alicia.jpgMikey and Alicia
bob_katie.jpgBob and Katie
jeff_emily.jpgJeff and Emily
tom_lana.jpgTommy and Lana
brian_nancy.jpgBrian and Nancy
michael_laura.jpgMichael and Laura
margy_dad.jpgHere Comes the Bride
about_to_start.jpg ceremonywithguys.jpg with_this_ring.jpg you_may_kiss.jpg

michael_toast.jpg tom_toast.jpg matt_toast.jpg

People Who Thought They Could Dance
first_dance_kiss.jpg margy_daddy_dance.jpg emily_alicia_dance.jpg tommy_thinks_can_dance.jpg jeff_dance_like_chicken.jpg

The Traditional Goldstein
Family Wedding Shot
(No, I Don't Know Why)


Other Fun And Games
rich_and_dana.jpg margy_grandad.jpg tommy_point_wes_smile.jpg in_forest.jpg
laura_brent.jpg margy_kiss_grandad_head.jpg boys_in_pond.jpg katie_over_shoulder.jpg