F & R Figure Out the World

November 2011

Walking through family space, heard this (Poppa is reading Horton Hears a Who to F).

P: Do you know what happens next?
F: Yes. Daddy has read it to me. (I swear, this really is his sentence structure. Sometimes)
P: Well, what happens next?
F: If you read it to me, you'll find out!

Questions that F had to get out of bed to ask us:
What does the inside of a boa constructor look like? (Guess which book he's reading?)
What is on the inside of hair?
What does butter look like on the inside?

F (picking a bean out of his mac and cheese and mixed veggies): Hey! It's one of my favorite beans! A slima one! (He meant "lima," I hope.)

F: I want mac and cheese and jelly.
R: No jelly!

F: We're desecrating our new [cardboard] house!
B: You're what?
F: We're decorating it!

M is explaining the "sharp intake of breath" noise:

M: It's for when something is really great or when something is really terrible. {SIOB} I found my favorite toy! Or {SIOB} there's a dragon right there!

F: Daddy, what do you think the inside of my new house looks like?
B (after looking): A big pile of mess. I don't see how you can do anything in there.
F: I can do things! I can stand in there and I can sit in there and I can walk in there. I just can't bake in there!

R said what I think was her first four-word sentence. Unsurprisingly, it was "l want my mommy."

F was singing a song in the car that I THINK he made up (though one can never be certain): Going to the American flags, where you can do whatever you want

F: We live in the burbs! So we burp a lot!

F: I want some ice cream and a bottle!
B: Are you pretending you're R?
F: Yeah
R: Ice cream! Bottle!

F: No, R! You're not allowed to play with [toy phone] in the bedroom! You have to play with it in the playhouse!
B: Frankie, let R be R. You be F.
F: I want to be R!!

F is fixing his toy school bus: Let's see how arriba we can lift this bus up!

F: Why is our car moving so slow?
B: All the cars on front of us are going slow.
F: Why are THEY going slow?
M: There's a back-up on the highway.
F: But we NEVER back up on the highway! We always go forward!

B: We're leaving Chicago!
F: Where are we going?
B: Indiana
F: Where's Deanna?

We were going around a cloverleaf on the expressway. R said, very clearly, three full sentences.

R: Slow down!
R: Don't like that!
R (after completing turn): Thank you, Daddy!

F: Oh no! It's a dragon! holy moly! Better get a water gun... Swish!

R is making "I want out of this car NOW" cries.

B: F, do you have a toy or something you could give R?
F: I don't have anything but love ... (to R) love, love, love

Seconds later, R is giggling happily.

B & M are singing songs in the car in a vain attempt to get the kids to go to sleep.

F: I know a song that's longer than this one. It's about helicopters and rocket ships and airplanes! [Proceeds to make up said song on spot]

Hate trying to nap R at strange times in strange places. Started as one of those "go the * to sleep" scenes. Fell asleep on floor waiting for her to nap. Woke up shortly because she was sitting on my head.

B is telling P about tomorrow's weather forecast and accidentally says "participation" where he means "precipitation"

P: Well there's a 100% chance of our PARTICIPATION in the weather.
B: If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.
F: We're part of the SOLUTION!

B: Can I have some love?
F: I'm all out of love
B: Can you get some?
F: Sure. I'll go to the love machine.

F wanders around repeating "love machine, love machine" then comes back and jumps into B's arms to give hugs and kisses.

R finally did nap, quite late. F and B and M are eating dinner, R is still sleeping. We hear cries, M goes up to get her.

F: No Mommy!
M: I'll be right back...
F: No, you can't go. I love you too much!

Bedtime not going well. For once, both kids are sincerely trying to get to sleep, just not having success...

F: Daddy, I'm really glad you're here.
B: I'm glad I'm here, too, but why are you saying that?
F: Because me and R both love you. Not as much as we love Mommy, but we love you.

F and R are playing "moving into a new house." Just like us, they quickly filled it up with their junk.

At dinner, R grabbed my arm, pulled over to her, pointed at my watch and said "Night time!"

B: Do you like the tic tac toe on the playground?
F: That's not a tic tac toe
B: It's a dragon switch and a cake mixer and a deer trapper and a spinner and a monster maker!

F: Bobby just got a piece of pie!
B: Bobby? What do you call me?
F: Pie eater!

Grandpa is nosing around the leftover pie.

F: Poppa, that pie is for Thanksgiving, but you can have some.

I'm making something POKY

Can't figure out what R wants me to do but she keeps saying, "Rapido, rapido!"

7-something AM. F has crawled into bed between us.

F: Sometimes I like to pretend you guys are my pillow and blankets, because you are really warm and Mommy is really soft.

F sings "Hunk of Tin" while we're driving home.

F: That's the BEST song to sing when you're in a car. But it's not the best song to sing when you're on a bus.
M: What's the best sing to song in a bus?
F: [Sings several verses of "Wheels on the Bus"]

5:45. R bangs on her bedroom door yelling "nap nap". We let her into the room. She sees the train tracks on the floor, starts picking them up and putting them away, singing "clean up, clean up". She's now in bed.


F has had an enormous amount of pizza.
M: I'm full to the gills!
F: I'm full too. We need to vacuum out our insides so that we can be hungry again!

F & R Figure Out the World

F & R Figure Out the World