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January 2015

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Funny friends.

Kid loves playing Gubs.

Margy is lacing up the soccer cleats R found in a hand me down bag. (Earlier today, R was running and dancing around the house wearing nothing but these cleats.)

M: I'm having some trouble threading these laces through the holes. Can you get me some tape?
R: No tape!
M: But I need it to do what you asked me to do.
R: I know another way.
M: What?
R: Spit on it!


M: These laces aren't nearly long enough.
R: I cut them!

Practicing the fine art of noodle slurping.

Getting ready for F's first viewing of Star Wars. (Thanks, Hall-Deans!)

B: You know that remote in your hand doesn't control anything on the TV, right?
F: Really? (tries) Oh, huh.
B: Do you want to put it down?
F: Nah, sometimes it's just comforting to have a remote in my hand.

R's shopping list: just "Saltines." She spelled it herself!

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F & R Figure Out the World

F & R Figure Out the World