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October 2014

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Illustrated short story by 6-year-old:

M: Maybe I'll go to Art Hop tonight.
R: What's Art Hop?
M: It's a thing where artists open their studios and you can watch them work.
B: Remember that night where we watched a guy work with fire and make F a metal snake?
R: Oh! Yeah! We made a friend that night!
M: Exactly.
R: Where is she?
M: She went back to Austria, I think.
R: Austria! That's such a long way away! That's where the OSTRICHES live!

Leaving the restaurant. R is not allowed to take the full box of 24 Crayolas home with her. She is allowed to take the Bic pen.

R: When things have been in your mouth, you get to keep them!

F&R on the "apple chute" at Gull Meadow Farms. The attendant is letting them go down the chute together in blatant violation of the posted rules.

B: Is that dirt from F's shoe you're wiping off your mouth?
R: Yeah! Let's go again!

R: Mommy, you have to look over Catty [in foreground] while she sleeps. She's a baby. She's negative infinity years old!

R found a bonus with our pumpkins this year

Kids are eating apple slices and watching TV.

B: What do you guys want for breakfast?
F: Can I have a chili burrito?
B: Really?
F: Really!
B: Sure. R, do you you want just apples for breakfast or do you want something else?
R: Something else. And I want it now!
B: What do you want?
R: I don't know!
B: Well, apples you can eat in the living room. Anything else, you have to go to the table.
R: Daddy, I've decided! I want apples for breakfast! But I want a different plate!
B: What's wrong with the plate you've got?
R: It doesn't have enough apples on it.

Yes they wore this to school. If given the choice they will continue to wear it every day until further notice.

B: So I hear you got flu shots in your nose?
F (laughing): No! We got MIST!
B: How was it?
F: It was horrible ... but a million times better than shots.
B: What was horrible about it?
F: Wet stuff in our nose. It was like getting water up my nose in the pool.
R: Yeah! And they told us not to go out for ten minutes?
B: They kept you around for ten minutes to make sure you were ok?
R: No, they told us not to breathe out for ten minutes! I didn't make it.
B: I should think not!. Were you supposed to breathe out your mouth instead?
M: They told them not to BLOW their noses for ten minutes.
R: Yeah! Yuck!

B: ...and Isabel calmly...
R: Q... C... Killed the doctor!
B: Um, cured the doctor, right?
R: Yeah, but I can't say that word, so I say "killed" instead.

R: I'm weak.
B: Huh?
R: Princesses are weak. I'm a princess.
B: Why are princesses weak? Also, why do you want to be a princess?
R: I don't know WHY, but all the princesses I know about are weak.
B: What about Elsa and Anna? And the paper bag princess, and the princess of 8th street? Are they weak?
R: Daddy, they're made up. I'm talking about REAL princesses. Also, Elsa was a queen, not a princess.
B: Um, what real princesses do you even know about?
R: I don't know ... Rapunzel!
B: Rapunzel?
F: Rapunzel's not real!!
F: Rapunzel's not real. We read about Rapunzel in a story book with GROVER in it.
R: Grover is real too!
F: And, anyway, nobody could grow hair that long.
B: F, do you want R to be weak?
F: Sometimes
B: Sometimes?
F: When I'm fighting against her, I want her to be weak. When we're fighting together, I want her to be strong.
R: Let's fight the bad guys together!

B: So how was school today?
R: It was fine.
B: What was the best thing about it?
R: It was fine.
B: Did you play with E?
R: No, E wasn't there today.
B: Did you play with L?
R: L wasn't there today, either. I played with The Friend that I Don't Know Its Name.
B: Was that fun?
R: Yeah, but I can never remember its name. But we even got to clean up with the teachers!

At K homecoming.

M: If you want, we could watch the football game at 2.
F: I have absolutely zero interest in football.
R: WHY?? It's such a fun game! And it's so easy to play. You just kick a ball around. And if you touch the ball with your hand, you get a yellow card.

R: I don't remember our old house in Evanston. Can we PLEASE move back to our old house in Evanston?
B: Why? So you can remember what it was like?
R: No. Because we had a rug there like the play rug at I&I's house!
B: The one with the roads?
R: Yeah!
B: We have that rug here. It's just rolled up in your closet.
R: We can stay!

R drew a picture of the Where's my Perry video game her brother was playing. Then she put his age on the top: 6 and 3/4. See the round " quarters"?

M: Hey. Guys. Strip your beds.
R: What does stripping mean? I can't do it if I don't know what it is!

Kid spelling is awesome. For example:

First Piggie loved her new toy.
Next gerled askt what dose it do.
Next Piggie said I have no idea.
Next Gerled said maybe it is a throwing toy.

Next Piggie said here try it. Then Gerled thruw the toy hi.

Next the toy brok.
Last Gerled and were sad untile a skwerl shode them that it was a brak-and-snap toy."

Guess who ran out of the house without a jacket?

Bat looks pained.

Enthusiastic trick-or-treater.

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