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June 2014

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R: Can I wear my superhero cape in the car?
B: Sorry, no.
R: Why not??
B: I don't think it's safe. Besides, I'm not sold on the idea of superhero capes. Seems like it's just something for the bad guys to grab onto.
R: I know why superheroes have capes. It's so they can hide their wings! If Batman had no cape, everyone would see his wings and they'd know how he can fly.
F: Batman doesn't have wings! His cape is what makes him able to fly. If superheroes didn't have capes, none of them could fly.

7AM: M wakes up, goes downstairs.
M realizes the folly of her actions, curls up to sleep on couch.

8:20AM: R begins crying upstairs.
M goes up to comfort her.
B takes F to bus stop.

8:50: B: What was the crying about? Did R just want her mommy or was there something more?
M: R thinks I'm not allowed to go downstairs in the morning without her.
B: Why?
R: Because first thing in the morning, I need snuggles! And I can't get snuggles if Mommy is on the couch. Do you know why?
B: Why?
R: Because if I'm downstairs when I get my snuggles, I end up getting distracted by Playing, and if I'm playing, I don't get my snuggles.

Heard from a couple rooms away:

M: The outlet that needs replaced is the one by R's bed.
Handyman: So that's the one with the enormous sign that says "R"?
R: Did you know that Uncle Michael painted that sign? And almost all the other art in here?
H: I did not.
R: Yeah! And he's crazy! He turns us upside down! And he just got married!

F is pretending to shoot a bow.

B: In real life, the most important rule is not to shoot if there's ANYONE anywhere near your target.
F: Because in case you miss!
R: Yeah, because if you get shot with an arrow, you'll automatically DIE.
B: Well, no, but you might, and even if you don't, you'll get really hurt. And we don't want to do that to people.
B: Yeah.
R: And saying "we like people" reminds me of Annie! .

R saw F & I playing rock paper scissors. She wants to play rock, paper, scissors, mud. Apparently, mud beats everything. I predict a lot of ties.

R: Daddy, guesses which hand the thing [gumball machine bubble] is in!

F: I love drinking water.
B: Me too. It's my favorite thing to drink.
F: Not me. I like orange juice and other juice better. But not fizzy drinks.
B: Because they don't make you any less thirsty?
F: Because they make me MORE thirsty!
R: I like fizzy drinks because they make my tongue dance.

F: Mommy, the glass wind chime broke.
M: Awww, I told you guys not to play with that. It was really fragile.
R: I know! They should have made it out of wood. Then it would be a lot less breakable!

First bee sting. Guess where?

B: What did you guys do today?
F: We went on the pond!
B: Was it fun?
R: Yeah! We saw frogs and water striders!
B: What are water striders?
R: They're bugs that walk on water.
B: Oh. I wonder if they're also called Jesus bugs.
F: Does Jesus really exist?
B: Some people think he does.
F: I think if he did exist, he was killed by pirates.

F: R, did you know you can't scrape your tooth on your popsicle?
R: Yeah, because it's bad for your tooth!
B: You're going to start losing your teeth soon.
F: I know. I want to.
B: Why?
F: Money.
B: Really?
F: Yeah! All the kids in my class get something cool when they lose their teeth. Or they get five dollars.
B: You are DEFINITELY not getting five dollars a tooth.
R: Do you know what Mommy got when SHE lost her tooth?
B: A new tooth?
R: A PRETEND tooth!

F's favorite part of the world cup so far has been keeping track of who's in and who's out. Or maybe watching the games. Posing for pictures is definitely not his favorite part.

Play house at Book Bug. R picks up phone.

R: I'm sorry, my husband won't let me go. (Hangs up.) ?????

Six year old geopolitics:

F: I'm rooting for both teams. I like France because of the Eiffel Tower, and I like Nigeria because they're all dressed like goalkeepers.

Well, that settles it.

F: Why is someone painting their face for the USA? We're not playing...
B: They're not. France's colors are also red, white, and blue. Well, blue, white, and red, but they're the same colors.
F: Then I'm going to root for France.

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F & R Figure Out the World

F & R Figure Out the World