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August 2015

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I love so many things about this kid. But right near the top is her ability to amuse herself. It's not that she's never bored, but it's rare.

Today, she's making a nest for her pets from: garden hose, brush from the brush pile, plastic golf club, lump charcoal, grass, pillows, scrap lumber, and leaves she's pulling off some weed-bush.

First tooth gone, age 7 1/2. Just like his old man.

Apparently rare enough to comment on.

R: DADDY! Look at my block castle!
B: You finished it! Did you use the little blocks or did you find more big ones?
R: I found more big ones. They were in the shed, just where you said they'd be! Daddy, you were really helpful this time.

B: R! You have an "I Voted" sticker. Did you vote? You're not supposed to be allowed to vote yet.
R: (laughs) No, they always give me a sticker when I go with Mommy to vote.
B: I should have remembered to ask for a sticker when I went. I could give it to F.
F: It's ok. I hate stickers.
B: You do? Why?
F: Because if you put them on your clothes, you always forget to take them off and then they go through the wash and they come out yucky. And if I put them on MY things, my things don't really look as good. And I'm not allowed to put them on the good places anymore, like your things and Mommy's things and the floor.
R: I hate stickers, too!
B: Why do YOU hate stickers, R?
R: Because I never have any!

Somehow, I think I'll be able to sleep at night.

F: Daddy, cleaning up the mess we made in the dining room was too exhausting. I can't get up anymore.
R: Yeah, we got so tired that now we're dead.

Kids are splitting a bottle of root beer four ways.

F: This is great! I wish the whole house was made of root beer!
C: I wish the whole planet was made of root beer!
E: I wish the whole universe was made of root beer!
F: I wish the whole multiverse was made of root beer!
S: Are you sure that would be a good thing.
F: Yeah, if the whole universe was made of root beer, we'd probably drown... but WHAT A WAY TO GO!

First night ever of kid doing solo kitchen cleanup.

B: What was the easiest part?
R: Putting plates in the dishwasher. I already knew how to do that.
B: What was the hardest part?
R: Turning on the sink. I can't reach the faucet handles and I had to have you help me.
B: What was the scariest part?
R: Cleaning the BIG knife!
B: What was the funnest part?
R: Turning on the dishwasher, and SWEEPING!

Ok, I had to help her turn on the faucet. So not QUITE solo.

In awe of the falls.

F: Daddy, I looked at the map on your computer and I saw Cleveland.
B: Yeah, but we're not going that way.
F: Please, can we go to Cleveland?
F: Because Lefty is there, and he's getting old.

Uncle growing out of his head.

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F & R Figure Out the World

F & R Figure Out the World